Why are Riccardo’s pizza’s ‘Better for You’?

Currently on the market, there are no other hand-made authentic Italian dough or dough products using the processes that the team at Riccardo The Pizza Artisan do.

Riccardo explains, “Our products are made using traditional techniques and a sourdough method, always using a ‘mother yeast’ from prior dough batches to make more dough, this is what is called a starter culture or polish.’ This results in us being able to utilise a marginal amount of yeast, making it light and easy to digest as it’s been activated before mixing (so it isn’t activating in your gut!) This means a light and easy to digest pizza just like you enjoy in Italy where you can eat an entire pizza to yourself and not have that heavy bloated feeling.

Why are Riccardo’s pizza’s ‘Better for You’?

Our pizza bases are also made using a slow fermentation process. The dough is naturally leavened and pre-fermented for 48 hours before being topped. We also have a very quick cook-time compared to other brands on the market.

All our ingredients and toppings are 100% ethically sourced (and provenance sourced for where it is important), and we choose local wherever possible to support our Aussie farmers. We’re proud to say our dough uses 100% premium Australian ingredients and no additives or preservatives. You’ll taste the difference with our premium quality soft mozzarella made from whole milk, and the highest quality Italian sauce (just the way Nonna makes it).

Our Pizzas are high in protein (we use a high protein Aussie flour) and a great source of fibre. With our quality ingredients and slow fermentation process, we’re a healthier pizza choice for you and your family.

Try the difference for yourself! We’d love to hear your feedback!