The Pizza Artisan

Riccardo Moretti

Benvenuti a tutti!

I’m so excited to welcome you to my Riccardo’s Pizza range. I’ve been living and breathing pizza since I was a little boy growing up in Western Sydney. I spent my childhood on our family farm with my Italian immigrant parents. I would watch my mamma make everything from scratch the way that she had been taught. Everything, from pizza to pasta to passata. Traditions that had been handed down from generation to generation through our Calabrian heritage. I was obsessed with watching her make the pizza, watching her mix, knead and stretch the dough, and then cook in our woodfire oven. I loved these meals, especially with family and friends. This is why I have brought Riccardo’s to life.

There are too many mass-produced products on the market, across many industries, that have lost their authenticity. They lose that ‘something special’. Everything that Riccardo’s does links back to the simple traditions and honesty of the Moretti family home. My passion is to take all my knowledge as a pizzaiolo to bring restaurant quality pizza to families at home. We believe that pizza is the ultimate sharing food, it brings family together and shares in the generosity of spirit. Honest food made with love is at the heart of what we do.

I want anyone and everyone to be able to enjoy a ‘perfect pizza’. Riccardo’s is a labour of love. With my name on every box, I stand by our products with my own personal guarantee of quality and consistency to you and your family. Thank you for coming on this journey with me.

Mille Grazie,

Riccardo Moretti

Dominic Scott