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How should I cook my Riccardo’s Pizza?2020-11-19T17:36:20+11:00
  • Pre-Heat Oven: maximum temperature on either bake or fan-forced setting
  • Place into oven: remove all packaging on pizza and place directly onto oven racking (not a tray), preferably in the middle or bottom shelf of your oven in the centre.
  • Cook for 6-8 mins! Or until ingredients are cooked through and the pizza base is golden. Make sure not to over-cook your pizza (they cook quickly!) so keep a close eye on it! If it’s dry or biscuity, you’ve over-cooked it.
  • Finish cooked pizza with fresh herbs, dried oregano or any fresh salad mix
Do you have a gluten free pizza range?2020-11-19T17:36:08+11:00

We don’t currently have a gluten free range, however, it’s in the pipeline to share our very fluffy, yum gluten free pizza soon! You can check our Instagram or sign up to our newsletter to make sure you’re the first to know!

I can’t find Riccardo’s in a store near me2020-11-19T17:36:01+11:00

We wish every store was ranging Riccardo’s so you could have our pizza at home! One of the best ways to get stores to range product is to ask them to range! Feel free to contact us directly to try and get ranging at your local store or download our store request form to take to your local store.

Will you be ranging a Vegan Certified range of pizza?2020-11-19T17:35:54+11:00

We are currently looking at launching a vegan range. Sign up to our newsletter or check our Instagram to be the first to know!

Can you freeze Riccardo’s pizza before cooking?2020-12-01T13:33:52+11:00

We don’t recommend freezing the pizzas. 

My pizza is coming out too dry and hard, what can I do?2020-11-19T17:35:37+11:00

If your pizza is coming out too hard and biscuity, you are cooking the pizza too long. Try cooking it for less time and putting it on the lower shelf of your oven. If you’re still experiencing difficulty, contact us at info@www.riccardo.pizza.

Where can I buy Riccardo’s Pizza?2020-11-19T17:35:24+11:00

We are currently based in Sydney, NSW and we are stocked in fruit markets and independent stores. Check out our ‘Stockists’ page and if your local store isn’t on the map then download the Store Request Form and take it into your favourite store.  This will let them know about Riccardo’s and how to order for their store.

Are all your ingredients GMO free?2020-11-19T17:35:18+11:00

Yes, all our ingredients are GMO free. Our bases are all 100% preservative and additive free.

Where are your pizzas made?2020-11-19T17:35:11+11:00

Our pizzas are handmade in our factory in Sydney’s inner-west.

Does Riccardo Pizza offer tours or classes?2020-11-19T17:35:05+11:00

At this stage, we do not offer tours or classes. From time to time we will host classes and will advertise these through our Journal or social media channels, so make sure you’re following us on Instagram and signed up to our newsletter!

Does Riccardo’s Pizza sell to Wholesale?2020-11-19T17:34:58+11:00

We sure do!

We’d love to have you on board. Send us your details via our Contact Us page and our team will be in contact as soon as possible.

Can you create custom orders?2020-11-19T17:34:52+11:00

Maybe. It all depends on your custom request as to whether we can create a custom order for you. It’s best to send your details to us at Contact Us to see what’s possible.

Do you sell pizza ovens for home-use? Or can you recommend a pizza oven?2020-11-19T17:34:44+11:00

We don’t currently range pizza ovens for sale, however, we can recommend some great ‘at home’ options. Two of our favourites are the Breville Pizzaiolo oven and the Roc Box Pizza oven. Please fee free to drop us a line and we can help guide your ultimate pizza experience at home.

Can I order your range online?2020-11-19T17:33:50+11:00

We don’t currently offer online orders, however, get in touch via our contact us page and we’ll see what we can do to help!

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